by Molly Ligon

Written By: Mia Harrison and Mike DeMarshall

THON Weekend 2023, in typical THON™ fashion, was a spectacle of great music, colors, and performances with no shortage of creativity. When looking through the events of THON Weekend, the line dance, great performances like Natasha Bedingfield’s, and the pep rally stick out to most. However, another key aspect of the weekend, which starts weeks before, is the originality and creativity displayed around the stands on each Greek organization’s letters.  

The (mostly) unspoken competition among the Greek Organizations on who can create the most flashy, colorful, and tasteful letters keeps the spirit alive in the crowd, while simultaneously helping to keep their dancers motivated. In the spirit of competition, here are the top 3 Greek Life letters of THON Weekend 2023: 

3. FIJI and Sigma Kappa 

Paying their respect to Michael Jordan, FIJI and Sigma Kappa decorated their letters with the Jordan, Bulls, and North Carolina logos, and of course, the number 23 in honor of THON Weekend ’23.  

2. Gamma Phi and Acacia 

The simple blue with a yellow lining makes for a simple and aesthetically pleasing view, and when you add the seemingly random pictures of Sonic the Hedgehog, it elevates the letters even more. 

1. ATO and Zeta 

These letters just capture the eye faster than any others in the crowd, and once you look over there, they just get better. Each letter is a character of Cars, and the quality of the artwork leaves nothing to be desired.