by Molly Ligon

Written By: Mia Harrison and Mike DeMarshall

Tim Nevil serves as the Admin/Timeline Coordinator Captain on Supply Logistics. Tim has been super involved within THON™ as he has held multiple different positions within the past three years. Tim’s past involvement with THON includes: an OPP Committee Member his first year, a Supply Logistics Inventory Liaison Captain his second year, Head of Security his third year on Rules and Regulation, and as mentioned before, an Admin on Supply Logistics this year. Tim doesn’t have any committee members, but he enjoys the work he does himself in the yearlong efforts to help spread THON’s mission.  

Time Nevil has various responsibilities prior to THON Weekend and during THON Weekend itself, which we are grateful to have him for. Since Tim is the Admin, it is his responsibility to serve as a project manager for the Supply Logistics Committee and to also work closely with the Director to ensure functionality within the team. Working alongside other amazing people, they help Tim to make sure that everything is prepared to run smoothly for THON Weekend. Some other responsibilities that Tim holds include planning Committee events and retreats and being the point of contact for the Supply Logistics Liaison Committee Member position on all other committees. Within the organization, Tim can serve as the THON Weekend Timeline Coordinator. The Timeline Coordinator works closely with the Director during the spring semester to form a cohesive timeline for THON Weekend. As we can see, Tim does a lot for the lead up to THON Weekend to make sure everything happens when it is supposed to and in a scheduled manner. Since a lot of what Tim does is prior to THON Weekend, Tim is lucky enough to be dancing this year during THON Weekend as well, and says, “I am beyond excited for this opportunity.” 

Since Tim is an Admin/Timeline Coordinator on Supply Logistics, he personally does not work with captains outside of his own Committee, but some of the other captains within Supply Logistics do work with other captains outside of their own Committee. The Inventory Liaison team is entirely responsible for working with all Committees within THON to supply the items that are needed for pre-THON and THON events, which is a huge part of what makes committee members’ experiences memorable. The Donor Contacts also work with Committees across the Organization when procuring items and working on their projects. Some of these projects include amazing cross committee collaborations like GCI (Gift Card Initiative) with HOS (Hospitality Committees) and benefiting and engagement with DAR (Donor and Alumni Relations Development Committees). 

When asked why he THONs, Tim said he hopes that, “one day we can dance in celebration rather than in pursuit of a cure.”. Tim has the unique privilege of seeing THON from many different perspectives. The different positions he has held have given him endless experiences in THON, but he singles out THON 2022 as one of the best of those experiences. “Through the incredible work of so many student volunteers from organizations to committee members, THON was able to return to the BJC for its 50th year, and set a record for fundraising,” Tim said. THON 2022 impacted Tim so much because it exhibited the resiliency and strength of the Penn State community, with the Four Diamonds families in mind particularly.  

When asked what he likes most about his position and the committee, Tim said, “My favorite thing about the Supply Logistics committee is the way we can have a part of every single pre-THON Weekend and THON Weekend event while also working to reduce the internal costs of the organization and optimize our donor dollars. As a committee we are proud to be a part of multiple committees and their efforts to ensure that 95 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to Four Diamonds. My co-captains are some of the most hard working and dedicated individuals and truly inspire me in everything they do.” This year, aside from his normal duties as a captain, Tim is going above and beyond and has begun laying the groundwork for a Gas Offset Program to help cover the gas expenses for THON volunteers who need to travel for their projects. With the work he’s starting this year to set the foundation for this project, Tim hopes it will be implemented in the next few years.  

Finally, Tim adds, “I am looking forward to seeing all of the hard work of the thousands of student volunteers pay off during THON Weekend all in the pursuit of a cure and to support our families.”