THON™ Captain Spotlight – Megan McKeon
by Molly Ligon

Written By: Lucy Pearce and Leoni Siribandu

As THON Weekend 2023 approaches, we are excited to spotlight THON™ volunteers who are spreading the mission of THON and preparing for the 46-hour dance marathon. This spotlight focuses on Supply Logistics Captain and Lionettes Dance Team member, Megan Mckeon.  

As a Supply Logistics Captain, Megan plays an essential role in the organization and preparation for THON Weekend and all other THON events and fundraisers. The Supply Logistics Committee coordinates all in-kind donations. Examples of in-kind donations include baby powder, balloons, furniture for the family lounge, and many more resources that help THON operate. Megan and her co-captain Liam serve as Donor Contact Captains. Their role is to find and contact donors for items that are requested by different THON committees. The items they collect fall into categories of toys, games, technology, and sporting goods. Megan and Liam also coordinate the Hershey Holiday Toy Drive, a Supply Logistics’ initiative to benefit children in treatment at the Penn State Health Children’s Hospital.  

Megan Mckeon is also involved in THON through the Penn State Lionettes Dance Team. Megan is a senior on the Dance Team and has served as a Family Relations Chair for the team since Junior year. The Lionettes are currently paired with 2 amazing Four Diamonds families. The team loves to plan fun activities and events when the families visit State College! This year Megan will be representing the team as a dancer in THON 2023. Megan says that she is involved in THON, “for the families, for the kids, and for those we remember in our hearts. The families are at the heart of everything I do as a THON Volunteer, and they are the reason that I will continue to dedicate my time to this mission and the motivation as to why I will be dancing for 46 hours in THON 2023.” 

Megan’s Favorite THON memory was touring the Penn State Health Children’s Hospital last semester with her Supply Logistics co-captain, Julia. Megan was excited to see the hospital for the first time in-person. Megan noted that the most impressive aspect of the hospital was its, “welcoming and comforting environment.” Megan said that, “From the waiting rooms, the decorations in the hallways, the kid-height stations in the cafeteria, to the child life specialists and therapists, every part of the Children’s Hospital was created with the children in mind.” Megan and Julia were both inspired after the tour of the hospital and were thankful for the opportunity.

THON has given Megan the opportunity to create lifelong bonds with amazing and inspiring people. From Supply Logistics to the Lionettes Dance Team, Megan has made “indescribable” connections. Megan stated that Four Diamonds families, captains, committee members, co-captains, and directors are all part of her THON story. When asked how she connects with THON, Megan replied, “The community that THON has provided me has been integral to my college experience and has taught me more about myself than I could have ever imagined. I am so grateful for every person that has entered my life through this organization.”