Organization Spotlight- Alpha Xi Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha
by Mehreen Hoque

Written by: Taylor Horrell and Maggie Blewitt

Org Spotlight: Alpha Xi Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha 

Alpha Xi Delta and their paired fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, are both Greek organizations raising money to benefit THON™ 2023. This year, Alpha Xi Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha have a total of seven dancers participating THON Weekend in the Bryce Jordan Center for the 46 hours. “Dancing in THON is going to be a life changing experience that I am looking forward to. As a senior, I think it is the perfect memory and opportunity to wrap up my Penn State experience. I am excited to be on the floor with my closest friends next to me, and have my other friends and organization members cheer us on for 46 hours,” says Alpha Xi Delta’s primary THON chair Abby Baransky as she looks forward to dancing this upcoming THON Weekend. Alpha Xi Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha dance in support of Lesenia, Tyler, Hope, Micheal, and Madison. 

The two orgs have held numerous events together already this year and have planned for more as it gets closer to THON weekend. The first event they held this year was a delicious Highway Pizza fundraiser where the proceeds benefited the two orgs in support of their families. They also had their annual family barbecue, which is a more interactive event, that included lots of food and even a dunk tank all For the Kids®! “Whipped Cream for a Dream”, goat yoga, and even a powderpuff tournament with other Greek organizations, Delta Gamma, Delta Upsilon, Phi Kappa Psi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Delta Zeta, and Sigma Pi are all more exciting fundraisers that the two orgs have participated in so far this year. At the end of the year Alpha Xi Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha host an annual “Hope Gala” honoring their families and angels.

Alpha Xi Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha at their annual family barbecue 

Senior and head THON chair for Alpha Xi Delta, Abby Baransky, shared how she got involved with THON and what it means to her, “I came from an extremely small rural town in Pennsylvania. My high school was not really involved in community service activities and I wanted our town to create a change in other people’s lives. I had heard of mini THON but was not very informed on what it was. I reached out to Four Diamonds to find a way to get my high school involved. After learning the benefits of holding a mini THON at our high school, I then went to our school board with the idea. Once it was approved, I recruited friends to help create events throughout the year to raise money for childhood cancer.”

THON is something that Abby has always been passionate about which led her to reaching her goal for the mini THON that year. Following her involvement with her high school mini THON Abby knew being involved with THON at Penn State was something she was interested in, “After gaining experience through internal THON, I wanted to apply to be a chair through Alpha Xi Delta. I started out as an assistant chair, then became Family Relations Chair, and now I am Primary Chair of Alpha Xi Delta,” Abby shares looking back on her past involvement.

THON has inspired the lives of many students, “I THON for the kids who are less fortunate than the rest of us, and the hope in the future of children’s lives,” says Zach Cohen, the finance chair for Lambda Chi Alpha. Member Dan Fotzeu says, “My favorite part of THON is seeing everybody come together for a great cause,” when asked about his favorite part of the yearlong effort. He says “I love to see the impact we can make on children and families, and that we see change happen right in front of our eyes.”

Alpha Xi Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha together at THON 2022

As the THON community continues to grow each year, students are presented with more opportunities to combine their passion for service with their ambitions within other fields. As THON’s mission reaches more members of Penn State’s community, new organizations are founded as we continue to fight. The perfect THON organization may just be waiting for you!