THON™ Captain Spotlight – Nicole DiNaro
by Molly Ligon

Written By: Mary Marzula and Brooke Richetelli

  1. What is the official name of your captain position? 

I am a Digital Marketing Captain on Public Relations.

2. Are you a first-year captain? Do you have committee members? If so, what is the name of your committee and how many CMs do you have? 

Yes! I am a first-year captain and am loving every minute of it! I myself do not have committee members.

3. What do you do? (both prior to THON Weekend and during the Weekend itself) 

Throughout the year I am tasked with carrying out THON™’s digital marketing efforts. Mainly, I focus on utilizing Meta to create and post advertisements to bring awareness and provide people the chance to donate to THON virtually. During THON Weekend, my advertisements will already be scheduled to post, so I help out the Media Relations team at the Show and Media Entrance.

4. What captains outside of your committee do you work closely with? 

My position is a bit different because I do not have a direct co-captain. But, when I am working with other captains, it is mainly with the Graphic Design and the Creative Lead captains.

5. How and why do you THON?

I THON by spreading THON’s mission far and near. I decided to become involved in THON when I was a first-year because I heard about how amazing the organization was and wanted to find opportunities to get involved on campus. After my first THON committee experience, I knew it was something I loved and was extremely dedicated to. Now I THON because I see how much hope we bring to those battling childhood cancer and the effect we can have one just one life. Being apart of something bigger than Penn State and myself has shown me the magic that this organization has.

6. What are your favorite THON memories?

My favorite THON memories include any moments I am able to spend with my committee. Whether it be our weekly meetings or any THON event, I love being surrounded by people who are just as passionate about THON as I am. Specific THON memory that I will always cherish is this year’s Family Carnival, which was my first time being apart of it. Being able to talk with the families and just see all of the children running around having fun was so special. And I can’t forget how amazing it was to see the THON 2023 logo that my co-captain, Kyle O’Keefe, created was!

7. Why do you THON? 

I THON to ensure that no family feels worried about how they will provide treatment or care for their families. Battling childhood cancer is already something no one should be faced with. Being able to allow families to get the right medical care while still having their family as first priority is why I THON.

8. What do you like about your position/the committee itself? 

The Public Relations committee is the second family I never knew I needed. If you ever see us, you can bet that we are laughing and smiling and creating a fun environment. There is not a minute that goes by where I am not thankful for my co-captains and all of the things that they have taught me. These people have already had such a special impact on my life and I cannot wait to Foster the Magic with them THON Weekend.

9. Any new projects that you are working on? 

Currently, I am creating digital marketing content for THON’s Season of Giving, which is a new campaign I helped create along with other THON Captains. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with an employee from Meta, who is a Penn State Alumna and past THON Volunteer, on THON advertisements! 

10. What are you looking forward to for THON and THON Weekend 2023? 

I am so excited to see how my position will progress in THON overall. The digital marketing industry is growing exponentially, and I can’t wait to see how it will continue to help spread THON’s mission. For THON Weekend 2023, I am super excited to work with the Media Relation’s team and experience what they do every THON event. Also, I can’t wait to see the all of the smiling families’ faces having the best time forgetting about life for just a little while.