by Mehreen Hoque

Written by: Stephen Holtzman and Cameron Berger

THON™ is a cause that inspires students to come together to help make a difference and raise money to emotionally and financially support children and families impacted by childhood cancer. Every person involved in THON has a different role in helping make a difference, and everyone involved helps make THON what it is. The end goal of this community is to do what they can For the Kids®, and being able to work within the largest student run philanthropy in the world is something that a lot of people take a lot of pride in. 

There are many reasons students are inspired every day to be involved in THON. One of the main reasons THON has significant student involvement is because their goals align with THON’s in helping children and families affected by childhood cancer. Hearing different family stories inspires all of us to continue to raise awareness and donations every day. Additionally, students often find themselves connecting with people with these similar goals and views, thus so many find their best friends through this community. 

Some students may have a personal connection with THON by having a loved one being impacted by the monster that is cancer and want to do what they can to defeat this beast. People often are inspired to do things that are bigger themselves. THON is an outlet that is tried and true due to the amazing work year after year by all students and members in the THON Community. This organization gives students the ability to participate in something bigger than themselves all while being prideful in their school and student body. There are so many ways students can get involved whether it’s through an organization, being in a THON Committee, being an IDC, donating, or even just showing support in the stands of the Bryce Jordan Center THON Weekend! 

THON is the largest run student philanthropy in the world, and it continues to grow and become more successful each and every year. THON is one way at Penn State for students to become super involved right away and meet a ton of amazing people who all share a common goal. I myself was super inspired when I saw how much money was raised at last year’s THON. I remember looking at the amount of money that was raised and saying to myself “I want to be a part of that and make a difference in many children and families’ lives.” (Stephen Holtzman) 

Whether you are moved by someone’s story, want to be more involved, or simply convinced by your friend, THON is a great way to give back, do some good, and meet some great people.