by Mehreen Hoque

Written By: Grace Rymdeika and Anthony Savona

James Perry is a Special Events(SE) captain for THON™ History. He is currently in a master’s program at Penn State and will graduate with a master’s in economics. He is potentially looking at starting his career in economic consulting or analytics. James and his committee cover THON History tours and the THON game show during THON weekend. James is a first-year captain and has 28 committee members on his committee this year. Before THON weekend, James and his committee run booths for THON History at events like 100 Days, and Family Carnival. They also support other Special Events co-captains at events like the THON 5K, 100 Days, and Family Carnival.

Additionally, he designates tasks and helps run events. During THON Weekend, him and his committee run THON history tours. The tours are geared towards dancers, families, and donors. The tours are a good break for the dancers to have a break from the floor and have fun in other ways. They also run the THON Game Show. The Game Show takes place on the stage during THON Weekend. Committees that have done well in the competition throughout the year come together on the stage to compete for a grand prize. According to James, Special Events is truly a family, and all of the captains work together for every single event. It is a team effort on SE and they all work closely together and with the directors for all events.

James’ favorite THON™ memory is dancing during THON Weekend last year. He danced while surrounded by his committee and friends. The amount of love and support he felt during that is something he will never forget. He also enjoyed playing games with the kids. James THON’s because he wants to ignite the passion and motivation for THON that he has had over the past few years for younger generations. He has had great captains for his THON committees in the past and wants to do the same thing for younger people involved in THON now. He says that he wants to be able to carry the torch. 

James enjoys the year-long effort that SE is. The entirety of the year is what makes this committee so special! They get to motivate and promote THON™ for the whole year and not just one specific weekend. History in THON is important to James because it just shows how far we have come and how far we can reach. New projects in SE include planning THON History tours and the THON Game Show as well as planning the booth for Family Carnival. 

THON has provided James with many valuable life takeaways. James highlights that resilience is insanely motivating. He says that seeing the children go through what they do and still staying so positive is truly inspiring. James tries to channel that inside of him through his daily activities. The main takeaway is positivity! For the people that haven’t experienced THON, James would like to mention that THON is an amazing organization that brings out the absolute best in people. THON helps children fight the biggest battles of their entire lives. James is excited to experience THON weekend with his committee. He has a young committee with new volunteers, and is excited for them to experience their first THON™.