by Mehreen Hoque

Written By: Jasmin Modricker and Amanda Klemick

On November 9th, hundreds of students gathered in the HUB from 11AM to 3PM to celebrate 100 Days ‘til THON. Students eagerly participated in events such as a silent disco, dancing performances, kids mail, raffles, line dancing, hair donations, and more while awaiting the Dream Forward Campaign grand total reveal at the end of the day! Alongside in-person events for this special day, there was also a 100 Days ‘til THON Livestream produced by 46 Live to incorporate those who are unable to attend and celebrate virtually.

Two captains specializing in Social Media and Media Relations documented the day for all to see while making sure everything ran smoothly! Zack Canimore, a Social Media Captain has the responsibility of posting Instagram stories/posts, Facebook posts, and TikTok videos for THON. Zack was most excited to post content for the grand total reveal of the amount of money raised over the span of Dream Forward campaign, and the human photo of students in their 100 Days t-shirts spelling out the theme word for THON 2023. He was looking forward to sharing videos and stories about the silent disco and line dance for everyone to see the annual celebration activities. Zack’s favorite part about 100 Days ‘Til THON is the sequence and organization of the events this year, and how there is an event for everyone! 

Media Relations (MR) captains were also active at 100 Days. Media Relation’s Show and Media Entrance (SME) Captain Scott Katherine spoke about his experience and responsibilities for this year’s festivities. As one of THON 2023’s SME Captains, his main responsibility is checking press in and out of THON-related events and managing the press entering and exiting the BJC THON weekend. Scott is also most excited to see the final total for the Dream Forward campaign and “THON weekend which is going to be an absolute dream.” His favorite part of 100 Days ‘TIl THON is the silent disco and the final total reveal!

Pictured (left to right): Zack Canimore and Scott Katherine

As this year’s successful 100 Days celebration winded down to an end, the grand total for the Dream Forward Campaign certainly did put the cherry on top. THON raised $1,266,034.16 entirely for the kids over the past two and a half weeks leading up to the 100 Days celebration, surpassing their goal of $700,000 by over half of a million dollars and last year’s total by over $200,000! A human photo was taken after the total reveal spelling out the word “Magic” for THON 2023 theme of Foster the Magic!