by Mehreen Hoque

Written By: Ashley Balderson and Isabella Lennon

The story of a young man named Tucker Haas is one that carries great importance at Penn State. Tucker Haas is currently a senior at Penn State, but that’s not where his story began. Tucker was diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of sarcoma when he was just two years old. At such a young age Tucker was faced with a challenge that no child should have to face, cancer. This did not stop Tucker from reaching his very best potential. He became a Four Diamonds child and was paired with a Penn State fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega, and their partner sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA). 

Tucker on the back of a member of Alpha Tau Omega during THON Weekend

Tucker has been cancer free for the past 16 years. He is now a member of the same fraternity that helped him when he was a child. As of today, Tucker has attended 19 THON Weekends and will now be a dancer representing ATO during THON Weekend 2023. Tucker now spends his time raising money for children in similar situations as he once was, such as his fraternity’s Four Diamonds child Gus, pictured below. 

Tucker is truly an incredible and inspirational person. Throughout his journey he has always kept a positive attitude and continues to bring hope to the children who were in the same position now that he was in as a child. He was recently interviewed about his experience and was quoted saying that Penn State saved his life. We are so excited to cheer Tucker on this THON Weekend. His story is a perfect example of what THON means and why we do what we do. THON™ gives children the opportunity to grow into incredible people, such as Tucker Haas.