by Mehreen Hoque

The week of November 13th marked THON’s annual Week of Gratitude where we recognized those in our THON community that have continuously worked to help support the Four Diamonds children and families. The Week of Gratitude aims to portray how our fight against childhood cancer would not be possible without the support of each and every group. 

Each day we highlighted a group who make it possible for us to further the mission of THON and help support children and families each year: 

Monday– Student Volunteers

Tuesday– Friends of THON

Wednesday– Four Diamonds Staff

Thursday– BJC Staff and Local Community 

Friday– Alumni 

This year members of our THON community were able to highlight THON volunteers that they felt exceeded expectations in an effort to further our mission.

Those highlighted include:

Alysha Ulrich – Hospitality – Sustainability/Inter-Committee Liaison 

Anna Yankanich – Donor and Alumni Relations – Donor & Alumni Relations Alumni Engagement Director

Annie Noe – Family Relations – Bereaved Family Contact

Dominik Nitecki – Family Relations – Bereaved Family Contact 

Emily Lutz – Family Relations – Bereaved Family Contact 

George Lesher – Finance – Finance Director

Grace Mahoney – OPPerations – Committee Member Outreach 

Gwen Yetter – Supply Logistics – Supply Logistics Director

Jenna Baker – Public Relations – Media Relations, Influencer Liaison 

Jonah Albert – Technology – Lead Special Projects Developer 

Julia Finkel – Family Relations – Family Events Coordinator 

Julia Jablonski – Communications – Organization Resource Coordinator 

Julia Romano – Supply Logistics – Donor Contact Coordinator 

Katelyn Ellery – Public Relations- Production Lead 

Kathleen Myers– OPPerations – Inter-Committee Events

Keely Reese – OPPerations – Sustainability Outreach

Kerry McCann – Public Relations – Creative Lead

Marleena Detweiler – Communications – Education Coordinator

Lexi Murphy-Costanzo – Communications – Communications Director

Lily Pevoto – Executive Committee – Executive Director

Lindsay Herold – Hospitality – Family Meals 

Liv Murphy-Costanzo – Rules and Regulations – Rules and Regulations: Fundraising Safety Director

Megan Dalo – Public Relations – Public Relations Director

Mehreen Hoque – Public Relations – Promotions 

MiKayla McDonnell – Communications – Hershey Tour Coordinator / Events Coordinator 

Mikey Olenick – Hospitality – Hospitality Director

Quinn Nagy – Communications – Volunteer Development Liaison 

Reilly Smith – Dancer Relations – Dancer Relations Director

Ryleigh Jozwiak – Rules & Regulations – Entrance Plan

Sarah Cecco – Family Relations – Family Events Coordinator 

Sarah Kronsberg – Dancer Relations – Timeline Logistics

Sarah Russell – Family Relations – Adopt-A-Family Lead

Scott Katherine – Public Relations – Media Relations, Show and Media Entrance Liaison 

Siobhán Collins – Entertainment – Talent Coordinator

Teresa Mackey – Special Events – Athletics Coordinator

Tessa Beauchat – Family Relations – Family Relations Director

Tyler Farr – Merchandise – Data Analytics/Forecasting

Will Vincent – Special Events – Special Events Director 

Some words spoken about these recipients include:

“She is the standard that should be set for all volunteers”

“He embodies the idea that leadership is an action, not a position.”

“She inspires me every day to put my best foot forward For the Kids, and she is the pure embodiment of what THON is all about.”

“Everything you do to better this organization doesn’t go unnoticed. All that you do for our families and the people around you is truly remarkable.” 

We are beyond grateful for everyone in our THON community. Thank you for continuing to be apart of our family, helping us, so that one day we will not dance for a cure, but rather dance in celebration. Thank you for all that you do For the Kids®.