by Mehreen Hoque

Written By: Ella Rubenstein and Grace Rymdeika

Frankie Riehl is a third year Biobehavioral Health major from Springfield, PA. He is the current Photography co-captain on Public Relations alongside Daniel Hadar for THON™ 2023. Frankie was first involved with Penn State’s dance marathon through his high school mini-THON throughout his senior year where he was ultimately placed in a leadership position. This position allowed him to become more involved in his community and attend THON in-person with his committee which sealed the deal for his decision to come to Penn State. His favorite THON™ event is 100 Days and he enjoys the atmosphere of the famous Penn State White-Out football game.

As well as attending THON™ events, Frankie has many responsibilities as a captain that are essential for running a successful committee. From capturing the best parts of THON through photography and holding the values of THON’s missions in high regard, Frankie sees his committee members (CMs) as an outlet to share his passion for the cause with others. As for committee meetings, Frankie strives to create a positive and comforting environment in which members can feel like a family. Frankie talks highly of his CM’s saying, “We’ve been very lucky this year, people are just very involved and talkative!” As for becoming involved with THON, Frankie believes that everyone plays an equally important role in the community. His main advice is to be open with yourself and realize that everyone is in the same boat as you. After attending different events, Frankie’s favorite memories of THON™ are the ones surrounded by friends and seeing everyone’s emotions during Final Four. 

After college, Frankie aspires to work in a health-related field, such as nursing, in order to help people in his everyday life. For now, Frankie is looking forward to many THON™ events that will be taking place throughout the year. Frankie is especially excited for 100 Days, and of course, THON Weekend 2023! During THON Weekend, Frankie is looking forward to the National Act. He says the surprise and anticipation for the National Act is an exciting event for everyone in attendance. He also said that the Silent Discos are always a fun thing to do! Finally, when asked, “Why do you THON?”, Frankie THONs because his hometown has been impacted by childhood cancer and seeing what these families have to go through is something he cannot imagine. Being a support system for them is something he finds very important. Being able to help and support Four Diamonds and THON is an opportunity that Frankie finds is amazing to be a part of and an experience that he feels so lucky to be included in.