by Mehreen Hoque

Written by: Amanda Klemick and Maggie Blewitt

Throughout the school year, we have encountered multiple different types of THON fundraisers ranging from bake sales to dunk tanks. However, one fundraiser, so simple yet so successful, has gained tons of traction: pieing students in the face. Over the past two months, several student organizations laid out their tarps on the HUB lawn in preparation of having a pan full of whipped cream shoved into their faces to raise money For the Kids®. 

Now you’re probably thinking, why is this fundraiser so successful? First of all, the HUB lawn is a prime location on campus where people are always passing by. Even if you have your AirPods on, you cannot miss a group of students with their heads through a massive cardboard cut-out, playing music, giving you permission to throw a pie (or two) in their face. Yes, you can throw multiple pies. Amongst most student organizations participating in this fundraiser, one pie typically costs $3 and two pies cost $5; a deal that can be very hard to pass up. 

The pie-in-the-face fundraiser is also a great way to receive donations from students. What is a better way to get a Penn State student to donate to THON™ than having an on-campus fundraiser during the school day? Through the pie-in-the-face fundraiser, organizations across campus have collected thousands of dollars of cash donations towards THON. In 2021, alternative fundraising contributed over $200,000 to the THON total, and alternative fundraising provies opportunities organizations take seriously, even if it is something as silly as throwing a pie into someone’s face.

Through the pie fundraiser, student organizations have collected thousands of dollars of cash donations towards THON. Some of the organizations that have participated in this fundraiser include Greek life THON partners such as Alpha Xi Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Beta Phi and Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Delta Gamma and Delta Upsilon, just to name a few. Also, Penn State Law hosted their annual Pie-In-The-Face event where students and faculty can pie their professors and classmates in the face for $5 and an additional $1 to include a whipped cream topping. 

The social media flyer sent out from the organizations Lambda Chi Alpha and Alpha Xi Delta

Branch campuses also enjoy throwing pies in each other’s faces to benefit THON. Some Penn State Abington students volunteered to have a pie thrown in their face, and students and faculty joined in on the fun. Not only is the pie-in-the-face fundraiser a great way to raise money for THON, but it brings the Penn State community together across all campuses.

While this may initially come off as a surprising source for a fundraiser, organizations throughout Penn State’s campus have not only found an overwhelming sense of support from the student community but great success as well! Students continue to become more creative in their efforts to support THON each year at Penn State which can especially be felt throughout attempts within fundraising. Next time you find yourself walking around campus whether it be going to class or grabbing something to eat at the HUB, make sure you check out these newly innovated fundraisers for some good pie-brations!

Alpha Phi and Alpha Epsilon Pi participating in the pie fundraisers