A Look at the THON™ Dream Forward Campaign
by Mehreen Hoque

Written by: Taylor Horrell and Emma Dalrymple

These past two weeks have marked the fourth annual Dream Forward Campaign! We joined together in fundraising For the Kids® over the course of seventeen days. THON™ aims to raise $700,000 from October 24 to November 9, 2022, to further pursue our goal of ensuring families affected by childhood cancer never have to see a single medical bill during the process. 

During the Dream Forward Campaign there are all different types of fun events and fundraising opportunities that youcan get involved with to help raise money that goes directly to the kids. These two weeks are the perfect opportunity for everyone to get involved and donate to an amazing cause. All of your donations are greatly appreciated, no matter how big or how small. Every single donation has a direct impact on a family, where your effort does not go unnoticed. 

The Dream Forward Campaign Timeline includes when every event that occurs, with the date, time, and location making it easy for anyone to participate at any date. Below are some of the highlighted events that occurred throughout these two weeks!

There are some easy ways to support the cause such as purchasing a meal at one of the participating events such as Roots on November 8th! Grab your friends or family members and go get yourself a meal with a part of the proceeds going towards THON. This is an easy and fun event that anyone can participate in all while getting a bite to eat with some friends. 

Are you into fitness and wanting to get your sweat on? Well Dream Forward provided perfect opportunities for that! On October 30th there was the opportunity to do yoga virtually with Four Diamonds Families! This was an awesome time to meet some of our incredible families, all while having fun! Another fun fitness event is an OrangeTheory Fitness Class, where a portion of the class fee will be donated to THON. 

There are also participating events that took place downtown such as at The Makery and 2000 Degrees. These events allowed participants to grab some friends and have a fun night downtown all while raising money For the Kids®. 

Remember your small act has a huge impact on many families that are going through the hardest situations. Even if you are unable to make a direct donation, there is also tons of importance in reaching out and spread THON’s mission. Get as many people as you can involved in the fight including your friends, family, community members, and anyone else willing to help with our mission. Spreading THON’s mission is the best way to get more people involved to comd together to raise money all in pursuit of a cure. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and could change an entire family’s life! 

To end this campaign on November 9th join us in the HUB to celebrate 100 days. Here we celebrate the 100 days left until THON weekend 2023 and also reveal the total amount of funds we raised together! Dream Forward is just a piece of our mission here at THON and for the next one hundred days we will continue to keep raising money For the Kids!