by Mehreen Hoque

Written by: Rachel Padnis and Kassidy Borger

THON’s fourth annual Dream Forward Campaign lasted from October 24-November 9th, with the goal of raising $700,000 in this two-week span. We were so excited to about the week-long pottery painting event at 2000 Degrees to help support THON and our organizations. This special event lasted from Monday, October 24 to Friday, October 28, and during this week, mentioning THON or Dream Forward when entering 2000 Degrees could allow you to be credited up to $6 to the organization, committee, or IDC of your choice.

Upon hearing about this opportunity, we just knew that we had to check it out. With a busy week ahead of us, pottery making was much needed so we would have something relaxing to look forward to, while getting to support THON. It seemed like the best of both worlds. 

When we first entered the store, we were presented with a seemingly expansive selection of pottery to choose from, it was almost overwhelming how many options there were on all the shelves. After deliberating for a while, we finally were able to settle on a mug and vase to paint. Little did we know we would then be tasked with deciding on colors to use and designs to lay. Again, with there being so many options, you can only imagine it was pretty difficult to choose.

The pottery choices

Once we had our pieces and colors, we wet our pieces a bit with water and a sponge, then began the glazing process. It was long and tedious because we had to apply several layers of glaze on our pottery so that it would come out well. Highly recommend leaving yourself at least an hour and a half to go through the entire pottery selection and painting processes. Here are how our pieces came out right after we painted them.

The 2000 Degrees staff were kind and very helpful and we were more than easily able to credit our THON organizations. All we had to do was leave our names and numbers and our pottery was ready just a few short days later. We were worried they wouldn’t come out how we envisioned, but we had nothing to worry about. We were so glad to have this relaxing experience, especially being able to do it For the Kids® made it all more meaningful and worthwhile. If you attended this Dream Forward event at 2000 Degrees, we sincerely hope that you had as much fun as we did!