Our Experience at the THON 5K powered by PNC Bank
by Molly Ligon

Written By: Roman Sciote and Keona Montague

On October 16, 2022, THON held their 5K powered by PNC Bank. Many volunteers, families and students were at the event, whether it be to run or support the runners. During the event we were able to speak to volunteers and a runner. While there, we interviewed them to get the point of view from both a runner and a volunteer.  

We interviewed Lauren and Mia, Family Relations Captains from the Family Relations Committee. Their job during the event was to facilitate interactions between the families and the people at the THON 5K powered by PNC Bank. The Family Relations Committee had two tents overall, one was the Family tent and the team tent. In the end, they said that their whole goal was to make sure the families were having a good time. We also asked them why they THON™. Their response was “For the Kids®, for more smiles, for more days and for more days of kids being kids.”  

We also interviewed a runner that gave up their Sunday time to run in the race. The name of this volunteer was Makayla. We interviewed her and asked her a few questions about how she was involved with the 5K and THON overall. The first question asked was how she connects with THON personally. She answered that “she was a dancer and she connected with the love amongst everyone when we are all dancing together.” The next question was why she chose to attend the 5k, and she responded by saying, “Giving up some of her time on a Sunday to support THON was the least she could have done.” When asked why she “THONs” she replied by again saying “she wants to see everyone happily dancing together.” Finally, we decided to end the interview with a more fun question and asked personally what her favorite song to run to was. She then told me an artist we had personally never heard of in “Griztronics”. Overall, Makayla seemed very committed to running in the THON 5K powered by PNC Bank and was more than happy to give up her time to contribute to the goodness of THON. 

The THON 5K powered by PNC Bank overall ended up being a great success. Everyone seemed to be having a great time early on Sunday morning. This success brings even more excitement for future events.