by Hanna Bernett

The Public Relations Photography and Production Preference Group consists of Photography and Production Committees. These committees help to capture and create content for THON and require a portfolio to apply.  

“I love the Public Relations Committee because our core mission is to share the stories of our families, organization, and volunteers with as many people as we can. We are tasked with being the main avenue to share THONs mission with the world, and we are constantly learning and growing to find unique ways to share stories with others. I recommend getting involved with PR because our committee is such a unique group of people; we have people who love photography and videography, people who love writing, people who love interviewing other people, and everything in-between. One thing we all have in common though, is we are all passionate about amplifying the stories of our families and our organization. Through PR, we get to talk to so many different people involved with THON and help capture and share their experiences, ultimately raising awareness in our ongoing fight against childhood cancer.” – Kerry McCann