by Hanna Bernett

The Facilitation Preference Group consists of OPPerations, Dancer Relations, Hospitality and Rules & Regulations. These committees help to carry out responsibilities for THON Weekend and pre-THON Weekend events.  

OPPerations – Emma O’Connor 

Anyone with strong organizational skills and an interest in logistical planning can be a perfect fit for the OPPerations Committee. OPPerations main responsibility throughout the year is collaborating with other committees to make sure all THON events and activities run smoothly, with their most important task being working behind-the-scenes at the BJC during THON Weekend in the set-up, maintenance, and teardown of the event. 

“I have been on OPPerations for all four years that I have been involved in THON, and over these years, I have met the most amazing, dedicated, and hard-working people. Being on this committee creates a bond that cannot be described and is unique to the people on OPPerations. I am so excited to take on my last THON with the Big Blue Family and keep the BJC cleaner and more sustainable than ever!” 

Dancer Relations – Sarah Kronsberg 

Those who want to learn more about what it takes to dance at THON Weekend and support our dancers, you should join the Dancer Relations Committee. Dancer Relations works throughout the year and during THON Weekend to ensure the safety and the physical and emotional well-being of all dancers. Additionally, Dancer Relations works on various educational programs to ensure all DR Committee Members are prepared for the responsibility of caring for dancers THON Weekend. 

“THON has become a supportive and loving home for me over the past three years, and I am excited to be a part of Dancer Relations for my fourth year as a THON volunteer! As the DR Timeline Logistics Captain this year, I have the opportunity to help plan an unforgettable weekend with events that keep the well-being of our dancers in mind. I am also so excited to lead a committee of dedicated THON volunteers throughout the year to discover why they THON and to guide them in supporting our dancers THON weekend so they can be there For The Kids!” 

Hospitality – Lindsay Herold 

In the Hospitality Committee, everyone is all about food, and who doesn’t love to eat? The Hospitality Committee is responsible for serving dancer meals, restocking fridges and working concessions and snack stations THON Weekend. In addition to this, the committee also coordinates fundraisers with local restaurants, such as Playa Bowls, Roots, and Noodles & Co., to name a few. Hospitality Committee Members volunteer to hand out water at the THON 5k and work concession stations at Penn State athletic events leading up to THON. 

“I became a part of THON my freshman year as a member of the special interest org Atlas, and went on to join the Hospitality committee as a Family Relations Liaison committee member my sophomore year. Last year, I served as the Hospitality 2022 Inventory Captain, and have taken on the role of Family Meals Captain this year! I love how HOS is a family- I have made so many amazing friends on this committee who all share the same love and passion for our organization. We love being HOS groupies! I am looking forward to so much this year, but especially getting the opportunity to attend Harvest Day and make memories with our incredible Families.” 

Rules & Regulations – Wesley Saunders  

If you want to learn more about how THON is kept safe and well-coordinated, you might be interested in the Rules and Regulations Event Safety Committee. The Rules and Regulations Event Safety Committee is responsible for ensuring a safe and secure environment. R&R ES works to provide a positive experience at all THON Events to volunteers and supporters, coordinating the logistical aspects such as Building Security and Floor access. Hundreds of Rules and Regulations Committee members work tirelessly to promote a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all families, guests, volunteers, participants, and stakeholders. 

“Having been involved with THON since my first year at Penn State, this organization has given me the opportunity to not only meet some of my closest friends at Penn State yet do so while making an impact on so many families.  This is why I love THON. I’m so excited to return to R&R Event Safety as I feel it really gives me and my co-captains an opportunity to see so many different sides of THON while still allowing us to interact with spectators, dancers, and most importantly families!”