by Hanna Bernett

Some of THON’s Committees only contain captains. These committees are made up of highly talented, dedicated individuals whose specialized skills allow THON to flourish. Committees without CMs include Technology, Supply Logistics, and Family Relations.  

Technology – Jake Connolly 

If you’re looking for a positive outlet to utilize your skills with coding and technology development, please consider joining THON’s Technology Committee! The Technology Committee maintains and develops THON’s technological initiatives, which provide vital functionality that enables THON to spread its mission, raise funds, and host large scale events. In doing so, the Technology Committee assists all of THON Organizations and Committees in furthering THON’s mission. 

“I started off in my first and second year as a committee member/LT for OPP and then a THON Chair for Club Cross Country before becoming a part of TECH for THON 2023. My favorite part about TECH so far has been to see the behind the scenes of THINK after getting to use it so often in previous years, and I can’t wait to change some systems that could potentially be a part of THON for many years into the future.” 

Supply Logistics – Ty Vicidomini 

If you have strong organizational skills and want to learn about how each committee acquires the material needed for THON Weekend, you might enjoy working on the Supply Logistics Committee! 

Supply Logistics is responsible for obtaining and coordinating all in-kind donations for all THON Events as well as THON Weekend. These donations include TREE bags, baby powder, balloons, furniture for the family lounge and much more.  

THON is proud to donate 91 cents of every dollar raised to the fight against childhood cancer, and Supply Logistics is crucial in making this possible. Thanks to the generous support of our donors throughout the years and the coordination of Supply Logistics Committee Members, THON can channel more funds straight to our mission. 

“My THON involvement is that I was a DRCM for THON 2020 and 2021. I was the THON chair for Sigma Phi Epsilon for THON 2021 and 2022. And I was an SL captain for THON 2022 and now 2023. Last year I was an Inventory Liaison for SL and now I am the inventory coordinator. What I love about working for SL is that we have the unique ability to work with every committee in THON and help them reach their goals for all the events and programs they run throughout the year. It’s really awesome to see that in almost every THON picture you are able to see at least one supply that SL supplied for THON!” 

Family Relations – Jacob Groger 

At THON, all that we do is For The Kids™. If you want to in get right to the heart of that motto, Family Relations might be the place for you. The mission of the Family Relations Committee is to provide emotional support to all THON Families throughout the year. Additionally, the committee is responsible for facilitating interactions between THON Families and the THON Community through education, coordinating events, and the Adopt-A-Family program. 

“My THON experience started on zoom on a Freshman involvement committee, during virtual THON I felt the energy and the passion for families through the screen and I had to be involved more. My captains Jenna and Alyssa encouraged and pushed me to apply to be a captain for the fall of 2022. When I went to apply I wanted nothing more than to do everything I could for the families and be able to help connect families with other volunteers, so I applied for a Family Relations Captain position and got the Family Relations Rules and Regulations Liaison position! I learned so much during THON 2022 and thanks to my entire committee, my director Caroline and all of the THON Families I met I got to experience some of the coolest, craziest and memorable moments of my life! That experience widened and deepened the passion I have for everyone THON impacts, so I applied again to FR and am now the Teen and Adult Coordinator for THON 2023. Family Relations is not just my committee it is my home, and I am so excited to continue to advocate for the Teens, adults, kids and families.”