by Mehreen Hoque

It is officially Committee Member application season! Applications for the THON™ 2023 year are currently open now until 5:00 pm on Thursday September 15th, 2022 on Such an exciting time, and hopefully this can help answer any questions you may have. 

There are four purpose-driven preference groups that you can apply to: Awareness, Facilitation, Fundraising, and Public Relations. If you are a first year Committee Member, you receive the opportunity to apply to one of these four groups. This way you will be able to receive better exposure to the entirety of the THON committees on a more level playing field. Returning Committee Members can specify exactly to which committee they would like to apply within the group. 


Throughout the year, THON’s mission is publicized and proliferated in order to increase recognition amongst other student volunteers and spectators through outreach and event engagement through the help of the committees in Awareness. These committee members help advance and exhibit THON to new reaches of the Penn State Community. These committees consist of Communications (COMM), Entertainment (ENT), Special Events (SE), and Promotions (PR). 


​The responsibilities for THON weekend and THON events leading to the weekend are carried out by the committees under Facilitation. These committees help with sustainability, security, and safety of all volunteers. The committees that fall under this category are Rules and Regulations (R&R), Dancer Relations (DR), Hospitality (HOS), and OPPerations (OPP). 


​Fundraising committees help contribute to THON’s mission by making sure THON is able to provide financial support for our Four Diamonds Families and funding for innovative research. These committees help organize, attain, and track THON’s benignant donor base. Furthermore, some in this group will assist in the facilitation of the THON store. The Fundraising Preference Group consists of the Finance (FIN), Merchandise (MERCH), and Donor and Alumni Relations (DAR) Committees. 

Public Relations

​Public Relations serves as the voice to spread THON’s mission on a local, state, and national level. The effort is aimed towards raising awareness for childhood cancer while inspiring the public to join Penn State students in their pursuit of a cure, For the Kids. There are two committees under Public Relations, Photography (PHOTOG) and Production (PRODUCTION). The reason Public Relations lives in its own preference group is because it requires a separate skill set unique to PR. You will need to submit a portfolio whilst applying for these committees.

*note: Promotions is on the Public Relations family, but as you do not need a portfolio it is under the Awareness preference group

For a more in depth description of all the individual committees please visit

Studying Abroad/Dancing THON weekend

If you plan on studying abroad in the spring semester or have plans to dance THON weekend, no fear you can absolutely still join a THON committee! 

  •  If you plan on studying abroad your options consist of Special Events (Awareness) or Donor and Alumni Relations (Fundraising). 
  • If you plan on dancing THON weekend your options consist of Communications (Awareness), Special Events (Awareness), Finance (Fundraising), or Donor and Alumni Relations (Fundraising).

Hopefully this helped! For any more questions please check or contact the Communications director, Alexis Murphy-Constanzo, at