by Hanna Bernett

The Awareness Preference Group consists of Public Relations Promotions, Communications, Entertainment, and Special Events Committees. These committees help to spread awareness of THON’s mission to others.  

Public Relations Promotions – Molly Ligon 

Do you have strong skills in writing or journalism? If you do, the Public Relations Promotions Committee could use your talent! The main responsibility of the Public Relations Committee is to further spread THON’s mission throughout the world. The team works together to create content in the form of blogs and other promotional materials and events. 

“I love being on THON PR because I am able to help spread THON’s mission to thousands of people outside of the Penn State community. THON’s Public Relations committee has the unique opportunity to reach more people than we ever thought was possible, and that is something that is so important when sharing THON’s mission in providing emotional and financial support to our Four Diamonds families.” 

Communications – Rachel Romaglia 

Individuals who can relay essential information to many diverse groups at once may want to consider joining the Communications Committee. Communications serves as the liaison to all THON Volunteers and focuses on educating and empowering the Penn State community to find their place within the community. 

“I am a fourth year and the Organizations Coordinator on comm for THON 2023. In 2021 I was an entertainment committee member and last year I was my first year being a communications captain, where I was the special interest organization liaison. Additionally, since I came to Penn State, I have been involved in a special interest organization as well. I was the fundraising chair for Axis last year and danced in THON 2022 for my org. 
I love being on COMM because you get to interact with so many different sides of the THON community. You get a glimpse into the hard work and dedication each THON chair and organization member puts into spreading THON’s mission and making their year the best it can be. The THON community is so special because it is made up of so many different volunteers who come together to work towards a common goal. Comm works to support, empower, and advocate for these volunteers in any way that we can, which has been such an incredible experience.” 

Entertainment – Siobhan Collins 

The Entertainment Committee is a great fit for creative individuals who want to facilitate the behind-the-scenes of THON Weekend’s shows and events. Entertainment’s main responsibility is to work behind the scenes in bringing every Pre-THON event and THON Weekend to life all while keeping the excitement and energy for the Four Diamonds families, dancers, volunteers, and supporters! 

“As I enter my last year at Penn State, I am beyond grateful to THON for making my four years everything and more. I will forever be in awe of how much light, love, and strength this community shines onto our families and the world. I have experienced THON through the Entertainment Committee for four years, and it has been so special watching this organization grow to new heights each year. I was a Crowd Entertainment Committee Member for THON 2020 and THON 2021. Last year, I was a Crowd Entertainment Digital Engagement Captain for THON 2022, where my co-captain and I led an amazing committee (shoutout Alvan ENT the Chipmunks).  This year, I am the Talent Coordinator, where I work with the talent team to organize and bring incredible performances to THON Events for all to enjoy! One of my favorite parts of being on Entertainment is getting to work with so many incredible people, both on ENT and other committees. We help visions turn into reality and build moments that people will remember for a lifetime. I am so excited to see everything we accomplish this year for our families and how we continue to show the world what cancer cannot do.” 

Special Events – Sarah McClintic (THON 2022 Captain) 

If you love to host and coordinate events, the Special Events Committee might be the place for you! The Special Events Committee is responsible for planning a wide variety of events that bring the THON Community together throughout the entire year. Annual events that Special Events execute include the THON 5K, Family Carnival, 100 Days ’Til THON , THON Showcase, Closer to a Cure Celebration, THON Athletic Events, and more! During THON Weekend, the Special Events Committee oversees the THON History Tour and THON Museum. All these events combined allow the spirit of THON to carry throughout the entire year! 

“I chose Special Events because I was interested in being a direct part of planning these events to carry on the happiness THON brings throughout the entire year. I love interacting with families and other THON Volunteers so being on Special Events creates many opportunities for that while keeping THON’s mission at the forefront of everything we do.”