by Hanna Bernett

Each year, THON is honored to appreciate individuals who demonstrate exceptional support for its cause. These donors are recognized through the Giving Society, which offers unique benefits throughout the year consisting of physical and virtual components. These experiences are designed to showcase gratitude and provide donors with an inside perspective of THON’s mission.  

“The Giving Society offers THON a way to challenge how we have historically benefitted our individual donors,” explains 2023 Development Director Haskel Canagarajah, “By developing this structure, we have the ability to create rewarding opportunities that strengthen our donors’ connection to our mission, and set the foundation for long-lasting relationships for years to come. Further, by reimagining our relationship with donors at the Giving Society level, we can expand conversations regarding how we interact with everyone who makes a gift to our organization.”

Beginning July 1st, donors who give above $1000 during the fundraising window will be notified by THON’s Development Committee that they have become a member of the Giving Society. These individuals can expect many exciting benefiting initiatives during the course of the fundraising year!

The Giving Society’s benefitting levels are as follows:

Bronze Level: $1,000+

Silver Level: $2,500+

Gold Level: $5,000+

Any questions about THON’s Giving Society can be directed towards: 

Haskel Canagarajah – 2023 Development Director:

Chase Cunningham – Stewardship Coordinator:

Dan Risser – Individual Donor Stewardship: