by Hanna Bernett

Science LionPride is an ambassador program for Eberly College of Science. The members give tours to prospective students, speak at Accepted Students Programs, and attend alumni and career events with the College of Science. They enjoy hosting club events like study nights and potluck dinners for members. The organization is also active in THON™, fundraising and volunteering since they were founded back in 2008. This year, they won the THON 2022 Gift Card Initiative!

The Gift Card Initiative is an effort by Supply Logistics, Hospitality, and other THON Volunteers to ask for and receive gift card donations leading up to THON Weekend. These gift cards are used to purchase items that THON is unable to receive donations for.

The Gift Card Initiative plays a vital role in lowering THON’s internal costs, helping make sure that 91 cents of every dollar is donated For The Kids™.

“I encouraged our members to take part in the Gift Card Initiative by stressing that it is a 100% crediting opportunity – all the money went to our org,” explained Overall Chair Isabelle Stepler, “It was part of our final fundraising push, which also motivated our members to take part to try to push us over the edge of our goal.”

Science LionPride is paired with the Makenna Linder Family, which according to Isabelle has been the “most amazing experience.”

“Makenna and her brother Bradyn are so much fun to be with, and our members love spending time with them. Unfortunately the Linders could not come to THON this year, but we will still be celebrating with them through THON Explorers and Zoom events.”

“One of the most special moments for me from the last year actually came at the end of THON 2020, when the Linders were featured during Final Four,” Isabelle continued, “I was amazed to hear their story in full and I became even more grateful to be paired with them! I was so proud that they were able to share their journey with all of the THON Community.”

We are looking forward to seeing Science LionPride at THON 2022, and for many years to come!