by Hanna Bernett

For students who want to be part of a close-knit group that cares deeply about THON, A-7 is a great organization to join. A-7 is one of THON’s awesome Special Interest Organizations, meaning that they focus entirely on fundraising for THON.  

According to A-7 President Kimberly Mincin, A-7 is unique from many organizations because of the amount of money they raise with respect to the amount of members involved. “We are a relatively small organization, but it makes everyone feel like family. Each year we have approximately 200 active members. We have managed to be in the top ten fundraising special interest organizations three out of the past four years. I think this says a lot about how dedicated and hardworking our members are to be able to compete with organizations more than twice our size” 

So how does a small organization have such a large impact? The answer lies in A-7’s fundraising creativity. Before COVID-19 became an issue, the organization’s main method of fundraising was canvassing trips. These trips brought in sizeable donations while serving as bonding experiences for old and new members alike. Aside from this, A-7 has produced lots of other engaging fundraisers, like spoon tag, bowling, and a date auction. During the THON 2021 fundraising year, A-7 developed a do-good popcorn fundraiser during the holidays as well as a Pura Vida bracelet fundraiser, both of which enabled global and pandemic safe participation. 

After a year of virtual events and fundraisers, A-7 has come together once more to pursue THON’s mission. Right before Halloween, 25 of their members went on a trip to visit their THON family, the Bectachs. They had dinner, played games, and went to Field of Screams (a big Halloween carnival with haunted houses, live music, and food trucks). “It was amazing to see the family again in so long and they were so happy to see us. They trip definitely lifted their spirits and we all can’t wait to see each other again in December,” Kimberly remarked happily. For A-7, this trip was a return to the in-person bonding experiences that they had all been missing.  

“A-7 is a home away from home for so many people,” added Kimberly, “We work year-round to make a difference by supporting our THON Family, supporting one another, and raising money.”  

A-7 hosting a pumpkin carving event.

It’s because of this support and shared goal that A-7 is looking forward to THON 2022, as Kimberly explained. “We are so excited to be back in person at the BJC. We know how much the weekend means to our family and all the other families. We did our best last year by creating an org-wide livestream with the family but being in person is so much different. It will be great to share the stands with them and watch them down on the floor. I know some members are looking for a water gun battle rematch.”  

With A-7’s creativity and compassion, we’re looking forward to seeing how the organization develops in years to come!