by Lauren Medico

Technology (TECH)

If you’re looking for a positive outlet to utilize your skills with coding and technology development, please consider joining THON’s Technology Committee! The Technology Committee maintains and develops THON’s technological initiatives, which provide vital functionality that enables THON to spread its mission, raise funds, and host large scale events. In doing so, the Technology Committee assists all of THON Organizations and Committees in furthering THON’s mission.  

Selena Liu is working on her second year as a Technology Captain, and she’s already had many memorable experiences. 

“My favorite memory with the TECH Committee was watching the THON Weekend 2021 Livestream together. We joined Zoom with hyped smiles and our spirits soaring. Opening our THON Weekend packages was like unwrapping Christmas presents. We were thrilled to find Among Us stickers, candy, and bubbles. Every time the intro music to the line dance came on, we grinned and got up to dance. We all had our cameras on as we danced—each and every one of us in our bright, long-sleeved, safety-green on-shift shirts. Opening Captain Mail together was a sweet memory from THON Weekend. All the notes from my Co-Captains about what they appreciated about me, recounting the memories we’ve made throughout the year—it was the most heartwarming read of the year. In that moment, I felt in my heart the warmth of belonging as I was reminded: I am a loved and valued member of our committee.” 

Selena Liu (far right) THON 5K

Aside from the friendships formed, the Technology Committee has also provided Selena with an outlet to learn more about her field.  

“We often discuss technology and related topics (surprising, I know) outside of THON. Imposter syndrome exists, but the Technology Committee is truly a supportive community that encourages growth, learning, and asking questions. Technology Captains are cool. I am in awe of all the knowledge that exists in Technology and the cool experiences and projects my Co-Captains and Director have worked on.”