by Lauren Medico

Supply Logistic (SL)

If you have strong organizational skills and want to learn about how each committee acquires the material needed for THON Weekend, you might enjoy working on the Supply Logistics Committee! 

Supply Logistics is responsible for obtaining and coordinating all in-kind donations for all THON Events as well as THON Weekend. These donations include TREE bags, baby powder, balloons, furniture for the family lounge and much more.  

THON is proud to donate 91 cents of every dollar raised to the fight against childhood cancer, and Supply Logistics is crucial in making this possible. Thanks to the generous support of our donors throughout the years and the coordination of Supply Logistics Committee Members, THON can channel more funds straight to our mission.  

Tess Kehoe became a Supply Logistics Captain in May 2021, and she can’t wait to see what the year brings.  

Tess Kehoe

“I knew that I wanted to apply to be a captain for my last year as a student at Penn State, with the goal of dancing in THON 2022 as well. Supply Logistics intrigued me personally because of how small the committee of captains is with only 19 members. Supply Logistics does a lot of behind the scenes work that is imperative for the operation of THON. SL is a tight knit committee that I am so excited to be involved with.” 

After being involved with her special interest Org, Eclipse since she was a first-year student (including two years on the executive board) and spending the last two years on Dancer Relations Committees, Tess is looking forward to a new perspective on THON. 

“I think that there are a lot of misconceptions or lack of knowledge of Supply Logistics due to the nature of our jobs, not many people in the THON Community see what we do on a day-to-day basis or even realize the scope of what we do. My goal is to spread the mission of SL within THON so that we can get as much support for our initiatives as possible.”