by Lauren Medico

Public Relations (PR)

Do you have strong skills in writing, design, journalism, or photography? If you do, the Public Relations Committee could use your talent! The main responsibility of the Public Relations Committee is to further spread THON’s mission throughout the world. The team works together to create content in the form of videos, pictures, graphics, blogs, etc. to promote through all aspects of the media. 

Abby Turkowski is currently in her third year as a Public Relations Captain, which she feels allows her the creative freedom to explore her passion for art and channel it into her love for THON. 

“I love that the Public Relations Committee is full of unique people with incredible skill sets that are all working together to create content to share with the community.” 

Abby Turkowski

Public Relations works with all other committees to promote any work done for THON. The committee also serves as a liaison to outside media sources and manages THON’s overall brand personality.  

“I don’t think that it’s always apparent how much goes on behind the scenes of the Public Relations Committee. Each position on the committee is doing something unique from one another and each position requires a different creative skill set. Seeing all that talent come together is truly special. Each person works so hard and is constantly creating something new to showcase THON’s mission and help to spread our purpose even further,” Abby explained.  

THON 2020

Abby’s favorite THON memory involved just that: “My favorite THON memory is watching the THON 2021 Recap Video on stage in the BJC with my co-captains. I was so lucky to have been asked to help create the animations with the rest of the production team. Seeing the recap video each year is always my favorite part of the weekend but experiencing it as someone who helped to create the video was truly special.” 

Production Captains watching the recap video at THON 2021