by Lauren Medico

Merchandise (MERCH)

If you’ve ever stopped by the THON Store, then you’ve probably fought the urge to blow your budget on the best THON gear. To learn about the behind-the-scenes creation and distribution of these awesome products, apply for the Merchandise Committee!  

Throughout the year, the Merchandise Committee is responsible for staffing the THON store in the HUB as well as creating and ordering new merchandise. During THON Weekend, the Merchandise Committee staffs two stores (the main one in the HUB and another in the BJC).  

Lauren Tribeck has been involved with the Merchandise Committee since THON 2020, first as a Merchandise Committee Member, then as the Merchandise Customer Relations Captain. This year, she will be working as the Merchandise Licensing Captain. She is grateful that the committee was able to be together and still sell Merchandise during the THON 2021 Weekend, and she looks forward to the year to come.  

Lauren Tribeck

“I liked that it was a small committee, and I liked the idea of being a part of the store and merchandise and then seeing people wear the merchandise,” Lauren explained.  

For those who are seeking the more tight-knight community that Lauren described, The Merchandise Committee is one of the best ways to get involved in THON. Consider joining for THON 2022!