by Lauren Medico

Family Relations (FR)

At THON, all that we do is For The Kids™. If you want to in get right to the heart of that motto, Family Relations might be the place for you. The mission of the Family Relations Committee is to provide emotional support to all THON Families throughout the year. Additionally, the committee is responsible for facilitating interactions between THON Families and the THON Community through education, coordinating events, and the Adopt-A-Family program. 

“I chose Family Relations because I wanted to have a larger role in creating a fun and loving environment for our THON Families,” said Family Relations Captain Tessa Beauchat. 

Tessa’s favorite memory on the Family Relations Commitee was Harvest Day for THON 2021. “I had so much fun planning the event with my co-captains and then getting to share it with our families.” 

Tessa Beauchat

Even though Tessa has been involved in THON in multiple ways (including as a DRCM and as a Primary THON Chair for Schreyer Student Council), she feels that Family Relations is truly a unique experience, 

 “Being a part of Family Relations is such a unique experience. It is an amazing opportunity to be able to not only provide emotional support for our THON Families, but additionally to extend that opportunity to the rest of the THON Community by providing them with the necessary resources to best support their families.” 

Harvest Day