by Lauren Medico

Donor and Alumni Relations Development (DAR DEV)

In Development, networking and fundraising is the name of the game. To be a part of this committee, you’ll need to have strong social and organizational skills. The mission of the Development Committee is to maintain relationships with thousands of current and past donors of THON, including large individual donors, corporate and foundational partners. Additionally, the Development Committee plays an integral role in informing the student body of fundraising initiatives and helps Organization and Independent Dancer Couples (IDC) in reaching their fundraising targets. 

Haskel Canagarajah has been a Development Captain for three years and has always loved fundraising and working with donors because it involves talking to people and being creative. “On the development committee, I get to constantly work with donors, listen to their stories, and work with them to create positive value for THON, which is an exciting responsibility and why I not only chose Development the first time but am now in my 3rd year on the committee,” Haskel said. 

Haskel Canagarajah (left)

One of the larger tasks Development handles alongside Alumni Engagement is the sorting and distribution of THONvelopes. During COVID last year, the committee had few opportunities to gather, but they utilized THONvelopes as a way to get to know each other while doing a task necessary for THON’s fundraising success.   

Haskel emphasizes that no one needs to have prior experience in fundraising to join Development. If you like to think big, collaborate with others, and do exciting work, then the Development Committee is your place!