by Lauren Medico

Special Events (SE)

If you love to host and coordinate events, the Special Events Committee might be the place for you! The Special Events Committee is responsible for planning a wide variety of events that bring the THON Community together throughout the entire year. Annual events that Special Events execute include the THON 5K, Family Carnival, 100 Days ’Til THON , THON Showcase, Closer to a Cure Celebration, THON Athletic Events, and more! During THON Weekend, the Special Events Committee oversees the THON History Tour and THON Museum. All these events combined allow the spirit of THON to carry throughout the entire year! 

Family Carnival 2020

Sarah McClintic has been involved in THON since 2019, but this is her first year as a captain. She chose Special Events because she was interested in being a direct part of planning these events to carry on the happiness THON brings throughout the entire year. Sarah feels that being on Special Events creates many opportunities for interacting with THON Families and Volunteers while keeping THON’s mission at the forefront of everything 

Sarah McClintic (middle) THON 2020

“My favorite THON memory is from my freshman year committee when I was in the stands for Final Four with the rest of my committee, and during the Celebration of Life Video,” Sarah reminisced, “We all stood together, arm in arm, and while looking across the entire BJC I was able to see how united the entire THON Community is. By being on a committee, you are truly able to make a difference and be part of something so special.” 

Sarah is looking forward to her first year as a captain, explaining, “Although Special Events is small, we are all so close and it is amazing getting to watch each of their’s events come to life throughout the year!”