by Lauren Medico

Rules & Regulation: Fundraising Safety (R&R FS)

Fundraising is an incredibly integral aspect of THON, and the safety of all volunteers is a top priority. For this reason, the Rules and Regulations Fundraising Safety has a mission to be a resource to all THON Volunteers and facilitate safe and efficient fundraising effort. R&R Fundraising Safety works to ensure that the entire THON Community is successful in all fundraising aspects. 

Lauren Groff has been involved in THON since 2018 and has had a well-rounded experience on different THON Committees. She had been a volunteer on Rules and Regulation twice before becoming the Finance Donor Outreach Captain in 2020 and the Hospitality Intermediate Meals Captain in 2021. This year, she is pleased to bring her talents back to Rules and Regulation as a Fundraising Safety Captain.  

Lauren Groff (left) at THON 2020

Lauren said “I chose this committee to be able to reach as many people in the THON Community as I can. With this committee, we support and are a resource for so many people in the THON Community, more than we realize, to help make all aspects of everyone’s fundraising efforts successful throughout the entire year,”  

Lauren’s time as a Committee Member still has a special place in her mind. “Being able to experience my first THON Weekend as part of this committee. My first floor shift of THON 2018, I remember looking up into the stands and around the floor in awe knowing every single person in the BJC all came together for one mission.”