by Lauren Medico

Operations (OPP)

Anyone with strong organizational skills and an interest in logistical planning can be a perfect fit for the OPPerations Committee. OPPerations main responsibility throughout the year is collaborating with other committees to make sure all THON Events and activities run smoothly, with their most important task being working behind-the-scenes at the BJC during THON Weekend in the set-up, maintenance, and teardown of the event. 

Slides of Strength THON 2020

Ayesha Choudry has been a part of OPP since THON 2020, and this year she will serve as the OPPerations Sustainability Outreach Captain. She chose OPPerations because she was interested in working behind-the-scenes at THON events. “Without OPPerations, a lot of these events would not be able to run,” Ayesha elaborated, “I like to be a part of the committee that works together to set up events and ensure all activities run smoothly.”

Ayesha Choudry

“My favorite THON memory from my committee was setting up the BJC early in the morning before THON Weekend started,” she continued, “My committee was up and at the BJC by 4 am and I never thought I would have so much fun bringing the magic into the BJC. I was able to bond with my committee and have fun while setting up the arena. Even though we had an early start, we all came in with high energy and excitement as we prepared for the weekend. There wasn’t a better way to get closer with my committee than coming and working together during THON Weekend.”


Slides of Strength THON 2020

OPPerations consists of THON Volunteers that are ready to work and bring THON Events alive while having a blast doing it. Ayesha feels that the best memories she made while being on OPPerations was during set up and tear downs at each event. To sum it all up, she said, “Nothing feels better than working together to get the job done.” 

Mat Cleaning