by Lauren Medico

Entertainment (ENT)

The Entertainment Committee is a great fit for creative individuals who want to facilitate the behind-the-scenes of THON Weekend’s shows and events. Entertainment’s main responsibility is to work behind the scenes in bringing every Pre-THON event and THON Weekend to life all while keeping the excitement and energy for the Four Diamonds families, dancers, volunteers, and supporters!  

ENT works with the talented community, bringing them stage to sing, dance, and bring their passion for their art form to help support THON Families. They coordinate exciting events throughout THON Weekend such as the Pep Rally. They help bring families to the forefront of the weekend through the Kids Talent Show and Kids Fashion Show. They also coordinate crowd games like the car races in the stands that will get the whole BJC energized, and everything in between! 

THON 2021

Alexander Palmer is a THON Captain for his third year (second year as an Entertainment Captain after working as a Supply Logistics Captain in 2020) and provided a detailed description of this time on the Entertainment Committee: 

Alexander Palmer at THON 2021

“I knew that I had to be a part of Entertainment after watching Kids Fashion Show for THON 2020. I was able to see the magic on the stage as each family went out on stage and had the silliest fun time ever. They were singing, dancing, telling jokes and it was where I saw the true power that Entertainment had. They are working all year to help bring out these magical moments where we all come together as a community and to just let loose in the joy of THON Weekend, and I knew I had to work every day to help bring this joy through Entertainment.

Kids Fashion Show THON 2020

I lead an Entertainment Committee, Dance Palms, that was made up of the twenty-one most amazing, passionate, and creative people I have ever met in my life. My favorite THON memory would be the final event we held for THON 2021. While only 3 of us were in the BJC to put on the final game, with the love and support through Facetime and Zoom, you couldn’t even tell. Across Penn State, we were all laughing and having fun together and even in the middle of COVID it still felt as if we made the magic of THON Weekend happen. Every hour in our committee meetings spent planning and brainstorming all lead up to that one moment and at the end of the day. We as a committee we overcame so many obstacles, working as hard as we could all to make the THON Weekend magic and to help support our families and I could not be prouder than at that moment! 

Something special about Entertainment is our ONEnt community. We try and foster a community not only on each committee but between everyone on Entertainment. From Crowd Focus Group where the captains and committee members work side by side, to fun bonding games, and everything in between. When you join ENT, you join a family of amazing people and will have more than seventy new friends all around campus!”