by Lauren Medico

Dancer Relations (DR)

Those who want to learn more about what it takes to dance at THON Weekend and support our dancers, you should join the Dancer Relations Committee. Dancer Relations works throughout the year and during THON Weekend to ensure the safety and the physical and emotional well-being of all dancers. Additionally, Dancer Relations works on various educational programs to ensure all DR Committee Members are prepared for the responsibility of caring for dancers THON Weekend.  

THON 2020

DR works to support dancers by motivating and thanking them for their commitment throughout the year and during THON Weekend. Dancer Relations’ main responsibility is to support dancers so the dancers can support the incredible Four Diamond families.  

Hannah Kirby started her THON journey as a Dancer Relations Committee Member for two years and then as a Family Relations Bereaved Family Contact Captain, but now she looks forward to rejoining Dancer Relations as the Committee Outreach Coordinator Captain. 

Hannah Kirby (middle) at THON 2020

“I picked Dancer Relations as my committee because I feel that there is so much support and love to be given to our dancers,” Hannah said, “Not sitting or sleeping for 46 hours is nothing to be taken lightly, it is physically and emotionally challenging. The dancers make this incredible sacrifice to support our families and I am very passionate about helping them do this. THON’s mission to financially and emotionally support all of our families cannot happen without the work of every committee and without the dedication of the dancers. Not only do I feel incredible passion for the work of Dancer Relations, but this committee, like every THON Committee, has been an incredible community for me. As a Dancer Relations Committee Member, I felt so loved, accepted and supported by my peers.” 

Line Dance THON 2020

Hannah’s favorite THON memory is during her time as a Dancer Relations Committee Member. “My favorite THON memory from Dancer Relations would be the first time I did the Line Dance on the floor of the BJC during THON 2020. I was a first time Dancer Relations Committee Member, and I had the first shift of the weekend with my dancers, so I was able to stand up with them and go through the Line Dance teaching. It was so incredibly special to be able to support my dancers at the very start of the weekend and experience first-hand what the energy in the BJC felt like. Watching everyone learn the Line Dance at the same time is something I will never forget!” 

“I think people should know how incredible this entire community and this fight is,” continued Hannah, “Joining a Dancer Relations Committee is by far the best choice I have made in college. It gave me a home, helped me to grow as a leader and person and truly change the course of my life as it made me realize how passionate I am about health care and working with children.” 

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