Organization Spotlight: Penn State Marketing Association
by Danielle Venuto

Maggie Senft is a sophomore from York, Pennsylvania who is dancing for the Penn State Marketing Association this year. Maggie was on a Dancer Relations committee her freshman year and is now on a R&R committee. Being involved with THON last year inspired her to be a dancer this year. She has received great advice from her captains who remind her that she was chosen for a reason. Knowing that she is dancing for an amazing cause has kept Maggie inspired and motivated while dancing. Despite THON being virtual this year, Maggie still wanted to be involved and dance because despite all of the other factors that corona has affected, one thing remains the same and that is the amazing cause we are all working together for. “No matter the location I think it is important that we remember all of the kids and families that we are dancing for”. Maggie’s favorite aspect of THON is that one way or another, everyone is involved and wants to make a difference. Despite not being at the BJC this year Maggie talks about how the energy is still there and everyone involved is still as motivated, if not more motivated than previously to make a difference.

Melissa Bosco is a senior from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania and came from the Harrisburg campus, making this her second THON. Melissa was the FR chair for the Marketing Association and is ecstatic that she is able to be involved this year by dancing. Despite things being virtual Melissa states that she has been making the best of it. In addition to being sad about this being Melissa’s last THON, she is sad to graduate in general. In order to prepare for THON, Melissa has made the effort to do cardio leading up to it, while also making sure to hydrate before and during the dancing. Melissa loves the energy associated with THON and is so thankful for her amazing DRCM who has been doing a good job trying to keep the energy up and the dancers motivated. She made it a point to talk about how special it is that everyone is so dedicated to making THON the best experience for everyone involved. Melissa says how she will remember this for the rest of her life. Melissa watched the dancers from the Marketing Association last year and knew this was something she wanted to do. Dancing is not only affecting Melissa, but it is affecting all of the people that know she is dancing for them and for a great cause. Melissa has had cancer affect her family which has also inspired her to get involved with THON.

This is both Melissa and Maggie’s first-time dancing and they are so grateful to be involved. Both dancers are dancing for Eric Krushinski, the Marketing Association’s THON family/child who is a cancer survivor and Penn State student. Eric continues to get checked but thankfully is cancer free. Eric is an accounting major at Penn State and decided to stay home for this semester but has kept in contact with both Maggie and Melissa. Despite the pandemic, they have been trying to plan and execute safe fundraising events leading up to THON. Despite the difficulties, Maggie and Melissa with their organization managed to have the events as best as they could. In addition, leading up to THON both girls prepared by getting their 8 hours of sleep and eating healthy.

Thank you so much to Maggie and Melissa for taking the time to interview with us and share why they THON! Best of luck to them and the Marketing Association with the rest of THON.