by Mohammad Badghaish

Straight from their THON theme decorated apartments in State College, we interviewed the dancer couple Olivia Simmerman and Grace Kimzey. It’s Olivia and grace’s first time dancing in THON, this year they are dancing for Arnold air society. Arnold air society (AAS) is an honorary service organization that is open to officer candidates from the Air Force ROTC. In AAS Olivia and Grace hold the THON chair position, as AAS is paired with Colby’s family. Olivia admires how AAS is helping develop her leadership skills, but outside THON and AAS Olivia enjoys snowboarding, baking, and cooking. We asked Olivia what kind of cake she would put in her time capsule, funfetti! Grace expressed to us how she likes scuba diving, especially diving in Florida keys, as she does service there too. In addition to scuba diving, Grace is also interested in marine science. By the time we were interviewing Grace and Oliva, we were around halfway through THON weekend. Olivia told us that she hit a few walls, but she keeps going for Colby, who we lost to the fight in 1997, and all the kids affected by childhood cancer. Grace keeps herself motivated by remembering that’s this is all For The Kids. Our dancer couple conducts monthly zoom visits with Colby’s family to interact with them and catch up with them. Sadly, it was hard this year to keep the tradition of visiting Hershey park with the family, but fortunately, the balloon release for Colby was virtual. Leading up to THON Olivia was trying to keep a healthy mindset and try to connect with THON’s purpose and mission. Grace was pushing herself to beef up her step count and do more lower body workouts, most importantly legs, and getting enough sleep. Olivia and Grace are inspired by the fight against childhood cancer that’s why they are dancing For The Kids!