Theresa Cwenar is one of the four Senior dancers for CHAARG, originally from Pittsburgh Theresa’s first THON was in 2012 where she watched her older sister dance. She says as a young person, she was overwhelmed by THON in a good way. She couldn’t believe how many college kids were working so hard and doing so much for this cause. She said it was then she truly learned the things she was struggling with at the time was nothing compared what she was going through. Since then, she’s been super passionate about THON and throughout her four years at Penn State been very involved and it felt natural to dance her Senior year. As a Senior she feels like her last THON is bittersweet. She knows once she graduates, she’ll be involved but in a different way and trying to take every moment in. She says she wasn’t fazed about THON being virtual and knew she still wanted to make the most of it just like any other year because she knows looking back, she’ll be really grateful seeing what they did this weekend and this year. Her favorite aspect of THON is the families, she’s incredibly grateful for CHARRG, she says there’s something about being on an Org and developing that relationship with your THON families that’s so special. CHAARG has 2 THON families, Whit and Sophia and Theresa says how incredible they both are. To her the Rise and Unify means a lot. She says, “It’s an incredible theme as we’ve all been through so much and all of us coming together this weekend and doing what we’re doing, although different it’s still an incredible amount of work and it showcases that even in these times where things are really difficult people will still come together and work hard to make something happen that’s really important to them.” Good Luck Theresa and to the rest of the CHAARG girls as they continue to dance for the rest of THON weekend!