by Kate Nalty

This year in THON 2021 the Emergency Medical Services Association makes their first dancing appearance. Jenna DiNapoli, a senior involved in EMSA, explains that their organization initially did not think they would get the opportunity to have dancers for THON. When the opportunity arose and her organization was able to enter the raffle to potentially get dancer tickets, they were beyond thrilled. Jenna herself was one of the fortunate participants that was able to dance in EMSA’s honor. The Emergency Medical Services Association is linked with the University’s ambulance services. EMSA is in operation 24/7 and responds to 911 calls throughout campus.

Jenna gained insight for THON in general when she partook in her high school’s MiniTHON. As Jenna began getting involved at Penn State, she was amazed to see how such a big and diverse community could unite for one specific cause. Jenna reminds us of the impact that THON has on the individual families. Walking into the BJC her sophomore year as a hospitality committee member, Jenna explained that she was overwhelmed with a sense of intense excitement. “It was one of the greatest moments. I’m pretty sure I had tears in my eyes,” she said. Jenna then elaborated on the idea that no one truly understands the overall atmosphere of THON weekend until they are able to experience it firsthand.

Being that Jenna is a current senior, this will be her last THON as a Penn State student. She describes her current experience as bittersweet. However, rather than reflecting on the fact that this is her last THON, she has been trying to take everything in and enjoying her final moments dancing. Because even after graduation, Jenna plans to continue participating with THON in whatever ways she can.