Dancer Spotlight: Eleanor Smith and Lincoln Weinstock
by Mohammad Badghaish

This dancer pair may have some experience dancing in THON but for sure neither of them danced in a virtual THON before. In this dancer spotlight we interviewed Eleanor Smith and Lincoln Weinstock, Lincoln has danced in THON previously, but it’s Eleanor’s first time dancing in THON. Eleanor and Lincoln are independent dancers, which according to Lincoln, they had to raise $2800 throughout the year to get a ticket to enter a lottery system. Additionally, every $700 they raised after that they get more tickets to increase the chance of them being picked from all the independent dancers that applied that year. Outside of dancing For The Kids, the dancer pair liked to listen to music and hiking, both notability like to listen to Mac Miller’s music. Eleanor’s story with THON started with Alpha Phi Omega, and it was after that exposure to THON where she decided to become more involved with THON. Eleanor also appreciates how THON brings light to people’s eyes about the issue of childhood cancer. Lincoln’s THON experience started from his freshman year as he was involved with a THON committee and was involved with a fraternity that was fundraising for THON. Both of the dancers are seniors this year and unfortunately, this is their last THON but admire how this year’s THON is unique. Eleanor’s favorite event was the dare campaign, in which they perform dares to raise money. Lincoln’s favorite event was the Playlist fundraiser event where they collected donations to add songs to a playlist, you would pay $1 for every 10 songs you desired to add to the playlist. Lastly, we asked the dancer pair what this year’s theme, rise and unify, meant to them. Lincoln explained to us how he thinks that even during the trying times of the pandemic we unified to stand up and rose together as a community to combat childhood cancer. Eleanor expressed how she felt that even with these unprecedented times we still persevered and collectively worked hard For The Kids!