by Hanna Bernett


This post features a very cool org that I’ve had the privilege to be involved in: The Penn State Navigators. The Navigators are one of Penn State’s bigger Christian organizations. They’re mainly focused on Bible studies, mission trips, and worship, but since 2006 they also devote a sizable amount of energy to THON fundraising.  

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Chloe Mazer, one of the overall co-chairs of the Navigators Benefitting THON, explained that the org’s typical methods of fundraising include canvassing/canning, utilizing DonorDrive, holding merchandise sales, selling handmade calendars and journals, playing the Elimination Game during fall semesters, planning car washes, and even putting on a Mr. Navigator pageant!  

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Above: The Navigators at the home of their THON family, The Bigler’s.
Below: the Regaldao family, who is also paired with the Navigators

As we all know, most of these fundraisers were made difficult in during the pandemic, and Mazner reported that the org needed to get creative with fundraising. Last year, the Navigators utilized the solicitation cards provided by THON and tried to put a much larger emphasis on DonorDrive and merchandise sales. Much to everyone’s joy, the org also devised a way to make a COVID-safe version of their iconic Elimination Game. The Navigators sent two dancers to THON 2021, both of whom were seniors. Right before THON Weekend dancer Amyanne Murray beautifully explained, “I am most looking forward to witnessing how in the midst of many physical barriers, the goal and mission of THON will carry through unchanged. I think this can be even more powerful when we are united in circumstances that seem impossible to be united in. I’m so excited to see how families and kids are impacted by that”.

“Thon is a place where we all enter common ground as we fight for the same cause. I am so excited to dance and fight alongside those battling pediatric cancer reminding them of promises from the Lord that have not yet come to pass. I dance with joy and confidence that the Lord is faithful to us and that one day we will dance in celebration of a cure”, added Shea McQuillan.  

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Amyanne Murray (left) and Shea McQuillan (right) pose at THON 2018

The Navigators have demonstrated a clear talent for fundraising and a passion for THON. We can’t wait to see them at THON 2022 and we look forward to seeing what creative ideas they come up with next! If you’d like to support the Navigator’s DonorDrive page, please click here.