by Hanna Bernett

As an organization centered around service, THON™ is a crucial event for Gamma Sigma Sigma. The sisters of GSS are encouraged to attend FTK® fundraisers at downtown locations such as Playa Bowls, Noodles & Company and bracelet making at The Makery. The sorority has also created some more outside the box fundraising efforts such as friendship auctions (in the pre-COVID era) and grateful grams during the Thanksgiving season. Even with the added complications of COVID-19, the Organization has managed to be a strong supporter of THON. The sisters are regularly encouraged to post about DonorDrive in addition to their many alternative fundraisers. For the sorority, DonorDrive was a huge help in a year where in-person fundraising was difficult.  

With many of the pandemic’s limitations becoming a non-issue, Gamma Sigma Sigma is ambitiously planning another fundraising year. “Now that COVID-19 is slowly coming to an end, we’re really happy that we get the opportunities to see our THON families in person again. We had a pumpkin carving event with one of our families that ended with our THON child, Garrett, throwing pumpkins out the window,” explained Hannah Flanders, Gamma Sigma Sigma’s Overall THON Chair

Gamma Sigma Sigma and Tau Epsilon Phi at a family event with their THON child, Garrett. After tossing many pumpkins from an upstairs window, Garrett decided that the three pumpkins pictured were the only ones worthy enough to survive the event.

In addition to fundraising efforts, Gamma Sigma Sigma had four dancers in THON Weekend 2021 and they look forward to sending more to THON 2022.

The sorority is also very active outside of THON. Their service partners include Nittany Greyhounds, The Arboretum at Penn State, Abba Java, and The Village at Penn State. The group strives to emphasize providing sisters with friendship and bonding opportunities that also give back to the community. We can’t wait to see what GSS does next and we hope to continue seeing them at THON for many years! 

 If you’d like to support Gamma Sigma Sigma’s THON fundraising, click here!