by Colby Hoffman

by Colby Hoffman

THON 2021 looks a lot different than past years, as the BJC is no longer the center of all the action. Dancer’s this year had to get creative with where they spent their 46 hours. Some chose ballrooms, others were in apartments, and in Kappa Delta’s case, an AirBnb. While the atmosphere of the BJC cannot be replicated, the goal is the same. As Kiki Daffan, KD Senior and Dancer, said, “THON isn’t about any of us, it’s about the kids.” 

As a new member of Kappa Delta, THON was one of the first things we got to do together. We immediately set up DonorDrives and were encouraged to start raising money. We were provided with social media content to post and raise awareness for this weekend. One overly competitive clothing auction later and we had raised over $2,000 FTK. Throughout the weekend, we were hopping on and off of Zoom calls with Kappa Delta and Beta Sigma Beta’s THON kids, Andy and Chris. The personalities between the two of them made the weekend fly by and the 46 hours worth every moment.

Kiki Daffan is a senior in Kappa Delta and has been involved in THON each year she has been a student at Penn State. While she is sad her time is coming to an end, she is grateful for the happiness that THON has brought into her life. She was also nice enough to answer a couple questions while going in and out of delusion during her 46 hours.

Q: In what ways are you involved in THON?

A: “As a freshman, I was part of a THON org and stayed for 46 hours between my org and in the stands with KD.Then as a sophomore, I was a THON chair and have stayed involved since then. I’m now the fundraising chair for KD.”

Q: What is your favorite THON memory?

A: “Sophomore year I visited my best friend on the floor at the 5 AM dancer support hour and watching her overcome the challenges of the whole experience was so inspiring for me.”

Q: What is the biggest lesson you have learned from THON?
A: “It’s really not about us it’s about the kids and being selfless.”

Q: Why do you THON?

A: “I think about my younger siblings and how much support I would need if my family was going through this. I THON for every kid.” 

Q: What does THON look like for you this year?

A: “There are 3 KD dancers and 2 Beta Sig dancers and we have all been in this AirBnB. We have visitors and our friends to support us.”

Q: What were your thoughts coming into the weekend versus now?

A: “I was worried about my feet hurting and not being in the BJC with that atmosphere to keep me going but I have been so fine.” 

We are so proud of all the time and effort you have dedicated to THON to make a difference. FTK always.