by William Pizii

This weekend Kyle Garvey prepares to take on and dance for THON 2021 for the first time! Along with his seven other fraternity members, they will be dressed in “Up” themed gear earning badges on their scout sashes along the way.

Kyle mentioned his Penn State moment came when visiting campus for his sister’s lacrosse game. It just so happened to fall on THON weekend. Curious of what was going on in the BJC, he walked in to find thousands of students, lights, colors, and positive energy which convinced him to eventually come to Penn State. “There’s no other organization that brings the Penn State community together more than THON,” he says.

Dancing for Phi Gamma Nu, Kyle made an effort throughout the year to stay optimistic in his efforts to raise money for childhood cancer. In previous years, Kyle enjoyed using the donor drive and pie-in-the-face fundraisers for his business fraternity, but this year, he added something new to his philanthropy.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kyle noticed key businesses closing down and decided to do something about it. He took it upon himself to offer haircuts for those who couldn’t find an open barber and donate all the money he made directly to THON.

In line with THON 2021’s tagline “Rise and Unify”, Kyle felt it extremely important to stay optimistic amidst the pandemic. He talked about how this year businesses, outdoor events, and many other things have stopped because of COVID, yet cancer continues. For that reason, it is more important for Kyle and Phi Gamma Nu to Rise and Unify in search for a cure.