by Samantha Hendrzak

Everyone joins THON for different reasons, but Katelyn Lewis, a junior from Chester County, PA, has been hearing about it for years. Lewis comes from a family of Penn Staters that have also participated in THON in years past. Although, unlike her family members, she is the only one to ever become a dancer. 

Lewis this weekend is dancing for the Student Pennsylvania State Education Association. She is dancing from her decorated college house in State College with the support of her family, roommates, organization and THON families. Lewis continues to be a part of THON every year due to the community aspect it brings and wanting to help those families in need.

A future educator in the making, Lewis dances for not only her organization’s THON children, Carmen Guzman and Morgan Smith, but also her future students. Lewis explained how she never wants to have any of her future students go through such a life-altering experience. It is deeply important to her that she continues to push herself this weekend to stand all 46-hours for the kids.

Since THON is virtual this year it can make standing for 46-hours a little more challenging. Although, for Lewis it hasn’t been too difficult, with the support of her family and friends. When speaking to her on Saturday afternoon, she made sure to note that since the time we spoke, that she had only had two low moments. This weekend Lewis has been able to rise and unify with her organization despite the odds of the pandemic, all to raise awareness for children and families impacted by childhood cancer.