by William Pizii

Dancing for Club Women’s Ice Hockey, we had the special chance to talk to Erin Bonner about her THON journey.

Erin first involved herself in THON because of her parents. Her dad is a Penn State alum and her mother is a breast cancer survivor. She spent her first three years volunteering as a committee member and now, in her senior year, she is deciding to dance!

She is dancing in State College with her fellow Club Ice Hockey members along with her two roommates and other friends to support them. They pulled out one of their old Wii gaming systems as something to play and help keep them occupied. Erin explained how her strategy is to keep herself busy and to enjoy the moment dancing for a cure. “It’s tough mentally, but it’s a once in a lifetime experience, and you gotta remember that and the cause we’re helping” she said.

Erin explained what THON meant to her, and she said that THON’s message resonated with her because it’s all about being a part of something bigger than yourself. She talked about THON 2021’s tagline “Rise and Unify” and what it meant to her. She explained how it’s all about putting aside the differences we may have with others and coming together for a common cause.