by Christina Cologer

Bella Devito is a senior from New Hope, PA, dancing as an Independent Dancer Couple for THON™ 2021. She is double majoring in Math and Secondary Math Education. When she is not fundraising and standing for 46 hours in THON™ 2021, she is student teaching in Pittsburgh for 9th grade algebra. Bella got involved by being the THON™ chair for an organization of student leaders and through the Newman Catholic Association. 
THON™ has inspired Bella ever since she was a freshman watching her upperclassmen friends dance in the BJC. From them, she knew she wanted to be a dancer someday as well. Bella said, “I saw how passionate they were about it, and I knew I had that same passion. I knew I wanted to dance eventually in my career at Penn State. Just seeing how much of an impact it has on the kids and their families, how amazing they are, and how much time and effort they put into THON™ every year — I feel like the least I can do is dance in it.” 
Out of all the events that make up THON™, her favorite is the pep rally because it brings everyone together just like being in Beaver Stadium and displays firsthand the pride and unity that comes with being in the THON™ community. She explains that although we are separate this year, nothing can stop the Penn State community from coming together and still making a difference For The Kids®. 
Bella is keeping herself healthy and motivated by consistently stretching with her Dancer Relations Committee Member, going on little walks around the house, going “super hard” for the line dance, and reading lots of supportive dancer mail. The people she is dancing with and her supporters are also keeping themselves busy with lots of card games and personalized board games.  Although Bella is a senior this year, she plans to stay involved in THON™ after graduation and is even hoping that her younger siblings will get involved so she can visit them on the dance floor one day in the future. Congratulations Bella!