by Sonali Nagpal

by Sonali Nagpal

Phi Sigma Rho is a social engineering sorority that works throughout the year to raise money for THON™. This year, sisters of Phi Sigma Rho focused on raising as much money as they could FTK® to make THON 2021 a memorable experience for their dancers and Four Diamonds child, Mina.   

Fundraising this year looked a bit different with some students on campus and others all over the world. The main goal for Phi Rho was to get all their sisters involved! Their THON Chairs worked on ways to fundraise from home this year including creating Instagram bingo boards, pushing Donor Drive, selling old electronics, and sending out an excess of THONvelopes!

Another priority for Phi Rho’s THON Chairs was making the THON Weekend experience fun for their dancers! Phi Rho has three dancers in THON 2021: Alyssa, Bridget, and Caitlyn. They THON for Mina, for the angels, and for all kids to have the chance to be kids! 

The THON Chairs spent time brainstorming interactive ways to continue to fundraise during THON Weekend by making Instagram bingo boards with dares for dancers to complete for various amounts of money raised. Phi Rho also wants to make sure their dancers have a great THON Weekend while still abiding by all COVID-19 guidelines. Luckily, their THON dancers live together and will get to spend the weekend dancing FTK, together!  

To learn more about Phi Sigma Rho’s participation in THON, check out their Donor Drive