Giving Back to THON Throughout the Holiday Season 
by Lauren Medico

Giving Back to THON Throughout the Holiday Season 

by Sadie Bagdasian 

As the holiday season continues to spread its joy, THON does the same. The gift of giving is a rewarding act of kindness and Penn State students continue to do so for THON all year round. However, with a long winter break and extra time for many, it is a perfect time to share the light of THON with friends and family! Keep reading for different ways you can fundraise and stay involved in THON over break! 

Gift Cards  

A popular time to receive gift cards is typically the holidays! Oftentimes, gift cards go unused, however they could be donated to THON as a part of the Gift Card Initiative. There are specific gift cards THON accepts and credits to your organization or committee. Some include Ace Hardware, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Giant, Home Depot, iTunes, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, Staples, Target, Walmart, Wegmans, and Weis. THON does not accept Visa/MasterCard gift cards because they expire. However, THON accepts other gift cards, but they may not be credited to a specific organization or committee. Another way to give gift cards to THON is by going to local stores in your hometown asking for a gift card towards THON. You can find more information about the GCI by going to → fundraising, GCI info → GCI Calling and Email Scripts → GCI Letterhead.  

Ribbon Sales 

The holiday season is a perfect time to host ribbon sales because of all the shoppers going out for gifts! Get together with friends in your area, create ribbons, bring a basket for donations, throw on a mask, and sell ribbons outside of stores! Prior to doing this, make sure you get your fundraiser approved and call the store and ask for permission to ribbon outside of their store.  

Donation Boxes 

Not only can you ribbon outside of stores with permission, but you could go into stores asking if you could leave a donation box in their store during the holiday season. Before returning to campus, pick up the Donation Box and bring it back to school. You can drop it off at the THON office in the HUB and credit your organization or committee! 

Create an Alternative Fundraiser 

The holiday season is a perfect time to plan and set up an alternative fundraiser! It is the season of giving and a great opportunity to give your friends and family something to do or be a part of. Ideas include: selling a holiday gift basket, bracelets, or cards! It is important that you head to and make sure you register your alternative fundraiser and receive approval. Once that is done, you are good to go! Proceed with your alternative fundraiser, make it fun, make it creative!  


OPP needs towels and rags to keep mats and equipment clean throughout THON Weekend. Athletic training can also use towels for dancers. Going home for the holidays is a perfect time to clean up and clear out old towels or rags your family no longer uses! It is also a perfect time to ask extended family and friends to donate any towels they may have. When you come back for spring semester, Supply Logistics captains will be in the THON office to collect donations. Organizations can receive entries for priority in merch designs depending on how many pounds are donated. Committees can receive THON Wars points. IDC’s can receive extra ticket entries for the lottery! Collecting towels is a perfect opportunity for staying occupied over break!  


Feeling extra generous during the holiday season? Instead of asking for a gift, share your Donor Drive page link to friends and family! Post on your social media with a holiday themed post. If gifted money for the holidays, promise yourself a portion will be donated to THON. Don’t forget a simple mention of THON is always beneficial and people love the gift of is always a resource to learn more and become more involved with THON! Use the resources tab for more info … and Happy Holidays!