by William Pizii

How to talk to dancers

While THON™ embraces an amazing environment for our THON children and families, we can’t forget about the dancers who sacrifice their bodies to help create the magical weekend. Here are a couple of general rules to keep in mind when talking to the dancers.   

Even though it’s courteous in nature to ask, “How are you doing?” we should avoid this and similar questions. When we see our dancers, we must be mindful of the physical toll that THON weekend has on them.    

They know they’re tired and sore, we don’t need to remind them! And remember, most of the dancers won’t know the time throughout the weekend, so make sure not to let the day or time slip while talking to them. Also make sure they don’t see the time on your phone or watch. 

Avoid touchy, emotional subjects. Remember they’ve been awake for hours and probably don’t have the emotional capacity to talk about something draining. Keep it light and fun! 

Have an actual conversation, get to know them! Find out what their interests, hobbies, and studies are. Ask them where they’re from, what career they want or what clubs they’re involved in. Hey, even throw in a wacky question like whether pineapple belongs on pizza.  

Ask them if they need anything! Although each dancer is assigned a Dancer Relations Committee Member, a friendly face asking if they could use something is always a nice gesture.  

Help our dancers focus on the magic of the weekend and, most importantly, do your best to make sure they have a great time! 

By Will Pizii