by Madison Lysek

Fanny Pack Essentials

It may be an iconic fashion statement from the 90s, but fanny packs are essential during THON Weekend. But once you secure your brightly colored lifeline, what should you pack in it? Well look no further, we have the complete list of everything you need in your fanny pack for the 46-hour weekend! 

  1. Portable charger– Unfortunately, the BJC does not have any public outlets. Plus, no one wants to miss any part of THON weekend waiting for their phone to ween off low power mode. Get yourself a portable charger! This way you can charge your phone, keep it on your person, and snap pics of the whole weekend! 
  2. Gum/mints– Fresh breath is essential. Whether you’re in the stands or working on a committee, you’ll be doing a lot of talking, yelling and maybe even singing! So do your friends a favor and pack some gum or mints. Plus, the minty freshness can help you stay alert and peppy for the hours to come! 
  3. Bubbles– Pack a small container of bubbles in your fanny pack! It’s a fun way to pass time, as well as get that cute candid Instagram post. Plus, if you’re anywhere near kids during the weekend, they will love it! 
  4. Dry shampoo– It sounds odd, but you may want to get a travel size dry shampoo. After a long shift in the stands, it’s nice to feel refreshed and clean! 
  5. Change of socks-If you have room, bring a change of socks in your fanny pack! Knee socks, ankle socks, anything! Changing out your socks is truly an out-of-body experience when you’re tired. 
  6. Empty Water Bottle– Many people bring empty refillable water bottles into the BJC. This item is essential to staying healthy and hydrated all weekend long. To make it more fanny pack friendly, secure your water bottle to the strap of your fanny pack with a carabiner or matching ribbon! 

THON weekend is rapidly approaching, so make sure to get your fanny pack and necessities today!